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15 Essential Skills They Don’t Teach You In College

Well said article. Yes, we do not learn this from school. I believe there should be a course mandatory to fit into our school systems. Feels like a maze in real life. Life RPG.



A. Networking
A corollary of leadership

B. How to sell
Presentation, vision, motivation, sales.

C. Negotiation
Which means win-win, Not war.

D. The Google Rule
Always send people to the best resource. Even if it’s a competitor. The benefit to you comes back tenfold.

E. The 1% Rule
Every week, try to get better 1% physically, mentally, and emotionally.

F. Idea Sex (but with protection!)

G. Reinvention
Which will happen repeatedly throughout life.

H. Leadership (which is really a course about how to deal with both Vision and Anger at the same time)
Give more to others than you expect back for yourself.

I. Mastery; How to master any field
You can’t learn this in school with each ‘field’ being regimented into equal 50 minute periods. Mastery begins when formal education ends. Find the topic that sets your heart on fire. Then combust.

J. Finding Signal in the Noise
News, advice books, fees upon fees in almost every area of your life. Find the signal outside of the noise everyone else marches to .

K. Themes > Goals
Goals will break your heart. Have a theme. You can build your days around your themes. In the short blink that thins out your life, when you reach the point where goals matter no more, the themes of your life will shine bright.

L. Creativity
Take down a pad. Write down a list of ideas, everyday.

M. Failure (a skill not taught until many years after the degree. But it is taught, believe me, you will learn it or die).
Learn how to fail so that failure turns into a beginning.

N. Give and you will Receive
Give constantly to the people in your network. The value of your network increases linearly if you get to know more people, but exponentially if the people you know get to know and help eachother.

O. Simple tools
To increase productivity


Via https://medium.com/the-mission/15-essential-skills-they-dont-teach-you-in-college-bd44bffa5311