Code Combat Game

Found an interesting way of learning a programming language. An RPG game where you equip gear to your character toon and collect diamonds.
The game has 4 languages to learn at the moment, which are:

  1. Python
  2. Javascript
  3. CoffeeScript
  4. Lua

The GUI interface looks pretty awesome and creative. Here are a couple of screenshots that I have tried playing it. You go straight to gameplay and it doesn’t really teach you the basics of programming. It’s asking you to type the code. E.g. hero.moveRight(); This is most suited for primary school kids. Coding for fun and a bit of some exposure. Maybe need some theory saying this is a function, class, etc?

Nevertheless, it seems like a fun way to learn. A great way to exposure your little kid to programming! Better start early when they are young. Wish this was available back at my time!


Via Code Combat



Bike ride

Tonight was time to chill. Meeting point was at Roman Palace Italian Restaurant, Cannington at 6pm. We left around 6:45pm, waiting for other riders. We did a river run along the coast. It was a good ride until one of my friend’s bike died. BMW S1000RR, the beast finally gave out, it had some electrical issues. R.I.P BMW.

Some photos from the night!