6 must-have skills for young web developers


Still early stage for me but I do agree on all the points below.
1) Yes, specialise in a niche.
2) Agreed, exactly what I am doing now. Blogging.
3) Definitely! Got burnt out already after 2 weeks concentrating on JS
4) Yep, question why and how
5) Networking with friends and tell them what you are doing
6) Soon!

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  1. Specialise, don’t diversify
  2. Read and write (and write more than just code)
  3. Take up meditation. No, really
  4. Question everything and gain a deeper understanding
  5. Get networking
  6. Apply for the right jobs – but don’t just rely on your bosses for your training

Via http://www.creativebloq.com/advice/6-must-have-skills-for-young-web-developers


Is $PHP = dead; ?

Following the job trend, it seems that PHP is slowing down.
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If you are learning to code at this current moment 2017, best to learn Javascript.
Javascript is booming at the moment as you can see.

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  • Learn Javascript, not PHP