More coding games!

15 free coding games! Loads more!! Feel free to try them. Best year for 2017!! I’ve only tried code combat. Try them and let me know in the below comments! Have Fun.

1. CodeMonkey

2. CodinGame

3. CSS Diner

4. Flexbox Froggy

5. Flexbox Defense

6. CodeCombat

7. Ruby Warrior

8. Untrusted

9. Code Hunt

10. Robocode

11. CheckIO and Empire of Code

12. VIM Adventures

13. Cyber Dojo

14. Elevator Saga

15. Code Wars




Is $PHP = dead; ?

Following the job trend, it seems that PHP is slowing down.
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If you are learning to code at this current moment 2017, best to learn Javascript.
Javascript is booming at the moment as you can see.

Click here for Indeed’s Job Trend


  • Learn Javascript, not PHP