Progress #6

Past few days, I have been occupied with Cryptocurrency (Digital Currency). Lots to learn about Bitcoins and other altcoins. I will write a blog post on this later.

Currently reading the book, JavaScript and Jquery by Jon Duckett.


I am half way reading this book, about 600ish pages.

Lots of good content
Good explanation and in detail

Lots of jumping to pages (eg. on pg 300 etc)
Too much information
Not much practical, pretty much a bible

Overall it is a good book. I think for me, I am more a practical person like doing video tutorials. In the past, I learned Visual Basic from a book and it worked for me. I guess the VB book was pretty much explanation, write this code and do it yourself. I haven’t coded much since JavaScript 30 for the past few weeks. Maybe I am losing motivation cos JavaScript is a mind-blowing programming language like #wtf? I think reading the book is boring me to bits and trying to finish it before I head to the next step.

#Keepgoing #Keepfighting


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