Progress #5

Doing project #15 – LocalStorage and Event Delegation.

The instructor seems to like to use lots of emoji’s and I think he has a mac. I am on normal windows and I always seem to not able to read the emoji’s on my PC. The last project, it also had encoding emoji problem, had to find unicode/html code for it. Probably have to display it as [ ], [X] or an image.

Left: My PC, Right: Instructor PC

At the moment, implementing new features clear all, check/uncheck all.

Update: Managed to code a clear all function

Update #2: Created the check/uncheck all function but doesn’t seem to be saved into LocalStorage

Update #3: Code works but give’s a console error

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'done' of undefined

Update #4: Posted Question on SO and error gone but code got buggy. When clicking check all and refreshed page, couple more items has been added and listed as undefined. Oh man! Couple minutes into debugging, managed to fix it all up.

Time spent almost 3 days! Troubleshooting, debugging and problem solving! Woooooooooot! 🙂

Via JavaScript30



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