Projects Can Sometimes Be the Worst Way to Learn JavaScript

The past few days, I have been struggling to grasp the concept of JavaScript. I guess it’s normal when trying to learn JavaScript.

There are some good tips the link below in regards learning JavaScript.

The table below lists one of the projects I am currently doing and struggling, which is the quiz. It has been a couple of days following JavaScript is sexy roadmap. There has been up and down. I have been doing lots of research and am not the only one struggling. I have reached at the end of the road and given a project to do. A quiz…I thought I knew a lot of JavaScript after almost 3 weeks but I guess not!! I am nowhere near competent yet. Still lots to learn! Wish I could upload “I know JavaScript” like the matrix haha.


Which Projects Often Hinder Learning?

Project Concepts Involved
Quiz Arrays, objects, functions, forms, event listeners
To-do list Arrays, objects, functions, some form of storage (front-end or back-end), DOM manipulation, event listeners
A “little social network” This is a full-stack project that, in addition to front-end JavaScript, involves back-end concepts including databases, authentication, security, user management, etc.

Key Takeaways

Projects can be among the best and worst ways to learn JavaScript. The difference is in the timing.

  • Projects too early = trap.
    One of the most common ways people fail to learn JavaScript is to jump into a project before knowing enough of the basics to understand what’s reasonable. This often leads to discouragement and quitting.
  • Concepts first, projects second.
    To avoid the project trap, play with concepts first, and then do mini-projects based on those concepts. That way, you’ll end up with a stronger understanding, better retention, more momentum, and faster progress. You’ll feel less overwhelmed, too.
  • Practice like real life.
    The more you practice under real-life conditions, the less likely you are to get stuck when it’s time to let go of the tutorials.




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