Progress #2

Past 2 days, it has been a frustrating yet rewarding.
The past few days, I have been following the How to learn JavaScript properly roadmap.
When I reached the end of the roadmap, I had to create a “simple” quiz.

At first, I was like oh yeah, no worries. It’s simple right?
Oh boy, I was obviously wrong. It was very frustrating, head banging. Wanted to shoot myself in the head. I didn’t know where to begin and start.

Day 1: Tried to attempt to write the code. No results. Lots of headaches. Lots of reading and researching. Looked at few past sample quiz done by past students.

Day 2: Managed to code it but not fully from scratch. Lots of reading from Stack Overflow, Reddit, Facebook groups to get help. Realised why my code wasn’t working. I was working on a local copy on my desktop, not an online editor like CodePen or JSFiddle. **Light Bulb (!) moment** Couldn’t write it from scratch, tried my best and I had to follow (and understand how it works) a basic skeleton quiz code which I managed to improve it’s functionality and added more features. I can see the light end of the tunnel!

Day 3: Fix some code and it’s a working progress.

Rookie Mistake #1: Forgot to call jquery in the script.

Lesson Learnt: Keep going. Do lots of research. Don’t be afraid to fail. It’s OK if you can’t write it from scratch but also understand how and why someone’s code works. Start from there and reverse engineer it and write your own based on it. Tell your friends what you are working on and they can lend you moral support.

Here’s a link to my simple and basic JavaScript quiz.

Found this article as well which helps.

Lots of stack overflow reading. Lurking.


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