Ported to Kogan Mobile

Get Kogan mobile, the plan is damn cheap. My friends are currently with Kogan and their speed is phenomenal fast. It’s the on the Vodaphone network. It’s good if your in the metro area, probably not so good if your doing FIFO or in the rural area.
I went from Telstra 3gb Prepaid $30/m to Kogan 5gb $17.5/m.
Have to pay $209.93 for the whole year. Better get it fast, 30% discount!

My savings changing over:
Telstra: $30/m = $360/year
Kogan: $17.5/m = $209.93.year
Saved = $150/year !!

The process from porting over to Kogan is incredibly fast, all done less than 10 minutes on a Saturday! Assumed everything is all automated. My calls and 4g data is working fine. I already ordered a couple of spare sim cards just in case I needed to do this.

Kogan Mobile Prepaid Voucher Code: MEDIUM (365 Days | 5GB Per 30 Days) – 30% OFF

Get it via Kogan


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