17 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 17.04


1. See What’s New in Ubuntu 17.04
2. Check for Updates
3. Install Graphics Drivers
4. Install Media Codecs
5. Install Unity Tweak Tool
6. Enable Minimize on Click
7. Install a modern GTK theme
8. Install a modern icon theme
9. Install Apps from Ubuntu Software
10. Install Apps from Outside Ubuntu Software
11. Add Useful Indicator Applets
12. Sync Your Cloud Account(s)
13. Install a System Cleaner Tool
14. Integrate Firefox with the Unity Desktop
15. Start playing with Snaps
16. Prepare for the future
17. Tell People About Ubuntu!

2017-03-25 21.02.49.jpg

I have tried playing around with Ubuntu. It’s quite stable and fun to look around. Would recommend on installing it. People coming from Windows and no experience with Linux. Ubuntu is most recommended on the internet to try it first time users. Link is below!

Via: omgubuntu

Download Ubuntu here.



4 thoughts on “17 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 17.04

  1. I didn’t know 17.04 was out and available. Is this a beta version or is it the real thing? How will it affect my 16.04 install??????

    By the way, I have always hated Windows but had no choice to use it. Constantly crashing and have had to get system back up and running. Hate their constant updates to keep system up to date and having to have all those malware and adware add-ons on to keep from getting infected. OIY! I always wanted to try Linux but was scared as I am a realtor and can’t afford to be without my computer. But I finally took the plunge when I went through a family emergency and have never looked back. LOVE IT! I’m one of those from the “DOS” days ….. remember those???? Taught myself everything I know. 🙂

    I do use windows to run my WAMP localhost to do my websites but have recently come on board with WordPress.com after years of toying with doing it and after years of being with HostGator for my hosting …. good company but glad to be out of that scenario. Hoping it’s a good decision. Only time will tell.

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    1. Yep, it is out but not the LTS version. I believe 17.04 is still in beta stage. Best to keep using 16.04 cos it’s currently stable. Check the link for more info! 🙂


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