Comparing NAS Hard drives bang buck.

Inb4 TLDR, click here for cliffs. These are my opinions. Just doing some comparison with NAS hard drives. What is the best bang buck $ per gb and $ per tb. I am comparing Australian price where I live. It is quite pricey here, especially the West Side. I am comparing Western Digital Red NAS hard drives and Seagate Ironwolf NAS hard drives. Checked prices from, a good comparison pc parts price checker to check prices in Australia.

NAS HDD $Price $/gb $/tb $Price $/gb $/tb
Western Digital Seagate
1tb 88 11.36 88.00  109 9.17  109.00 
2tb 127 15.75 63.50 120 16.67 60.00
3tb 159 18.87 53.00 158 18.99 52.67
4tb 223 17.94 55.75 194 20.62 48.50
6tb 349 17.19 58.17 349 17.19 58.17
8tb 459 17.43 57.38 417 19.18 52.13
10tb 589 16.98 58.90

By comparing $/gb, out of both, WD has it cheaper for 2tb drives at $15.75/gb. I have removed 1tb out of the equations because who buys 1tb drives nowadays?? As for $/tb, it seems like Seagate have it cheaper for 4tb at $48.5/tb. For this test, I would go for $/tb as the drives are in tb. The stores I have compared these prices are from MSY, PLE, Austin and Netplus. Prices last checked from 11th April 2017.

For me, I personally would choose 3tb WD NAS drives. Better for power efficiency and lower consumption with great reliability.


  • $/gb (Lowest & Best) = 2tb WD @ 15.75/gb
  • $/tb (Lowest & Best) = 4tb Seagate @ 48.50/tb
  • OP would buy 3tb WD, prices just right in the middle for bang buck

Thanks for reading.


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